Our 0.10 to 0.70 mm diameter wire requires no lubrication or cooling fluid. However, we strongly recommend using our WELL concentrated cutting fluid. This can extend the service life of the wire, reduce working time and achieve the best cutting quality. This liquid is used to moisten the wire and to clean the particles generated by cutting. Simply mix 5% of concentrated liquid with a volume of water to obtain good results.

The WELL cutting process does not transfer any measurable heat to the workpieces, nor does it generate any disturbing smell or noise, which are common inconveniences with other tools.

Diamond wire WELL

The difference between WELL diamond wire and galvanised wire

Diamond wire cannot be compared with galvanised cutting wire! After cutting with these wires, galvanic residue on the entire slice is always visible under a high-resolution professional microscope.

This residue is transferred to the cut and contaminates the sample, preventing a pure cut. For these reasons and thanks to our unique diamond wire, we can say that cuts made with our products are “non-destructive”.

Knoop hardness a-BN c-BN w-BN Diamond
GPa 10 45 34 100

The table above highlights the specific hardness of boron nitrite (BN) and diamond. Most galvanised wire is made with boron nitrite. All exclusive WELL wires incorporate diamonds. Thanks to this hardness (100), the sample remains free of residue.

The advantages in terms of quality and duration of WELL diamond wires over other wires are enormous. Your material analysis and quality control will not only provide you with a pure and irreproachable cut quality, but polishing is also frequently unnecessary with WELL wire.