The applications of WELL diamond wire precision saws are virtually unlimited. Indeed, the advantage of WELL diamond wire saws is their cutting precision: cutting does not destroy or modify the structure of the material (non-destructive and non-deforming slice), whether they are homogeneous or bound materials with components with very different properties.

Very important note: only WELL diamond wires leave no deposit on the face of the cut. After cutting, the samples thus remain totally pure and uncontaminated. For this reason, we say the cuts are “non-destructive”, which is absolutely not the case for galvanised wire. WELL wires are a worldwide exclusive!

Metals, plastics, quartz, glass, graphite and ceramics are just some of the many natural and synthetic materials that can be successfully cut. For Research and Development, Quality Control, Material Analysis and Production, precision cutting and the resulting smooth finish often eliminates or significantly reduces the polishing time of workpieces that previously required such attention.

In addition to the industrial sector, our saws are highly appreciated in the fields of geology, archaeology and palaeontology, criminology and forensics, biology, pathology, histology, anatomy and dentistry.

We encourage anyone who needs to cut materials of any type to test our saws. To do so, we offer to cut some samples of your materials free of charge: we will send you the cut pieces to enable you to see the results for yourself.
Please contact us before sending us samples to cut.