Manufacturer of diamond wire saw since 1974

Company profile

WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA has been developing diamond cutting machines since 1974. More than 3,000 customers around the world have chosen to trust our products to achieve their goals with confidence on all our production sites in Switzerland, Germany, and the United States.

The History of Well Diamond Wire Saws SA

Experience in saw cutting existed even before the company’s creation. Initially, silicon carbide powder was mixed with a liquid in order to wet a moving wire, resulting in a cutting process (free abrasive). At that time, customers often had to build their own “wire saw”.

WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA Switzerland, since 1974

Soon, the demand grew. There was an urgent need for a small, easy-to-use wire saws. Other constraints had to be respected depending on the needed specifications. It is from this urgent demand that the series 3000 compact saw models emerged, still used to this day.

Being an innovative company, WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA was aware of the problems of its customers. It is from this unique process that the WELL diamond wire was born. This invention is so one-of-a-kind that today it is at the forefront of technology.

Today, the “WELL” logo (Walter Ebner Le Locle) is protected. The specific features of WELL saws and diamond wires are:

  • Cutting materials ranging from the softest to the hardest
  • Cutting without heating the sample
  • Cutting that is clean, smooth, splinter-free, burr-free, and with sharp edges
  • Absolutely pure cutting, without residue from the cutting tool
  • Cutting homogeneous or non-homogeneous materials
  • Cutting without dimensional deformations
  • Cutting without structural modifications
  • etc.

Currently, all saws, regardless of their models, are produced on this site.

WELL Diamond Wire Saws GmbH Germany, since 1984

In Germany, Well Diamond Wire Saws SA is located in Mannheim, not far from Frankfurt Airport, with easy access by train and highways. This is the production site of WELL wires.

Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC

Located in Bethlehem, Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC mainly serves the market of the American continents.

Our only desire is to best satisfy our customers in order to meet their expectations, their requirements, and their needs. It is in this context that new machines are developed and new patents are filed.

We are constantly listening to you in order to produce the ideal machine in your specific field.

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