Cutting method of WELL diamond wire saws

Our Cutting Method

The Issue: Quality vs Quantity


At WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA, we believe that quality can be measured by the amount produced. We design and manufacture our saws so that our customers achieve their objectives with the desired quality, regardless of their use or scope (research and development, production, quality control, or material analysis).
WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA offers precision cutting instruments that meet the most demanding needs. Without further ado, here is our diamond wire cutting technique.

The "WELL" Advantages

WELL diamond wire saws are designed to cleanly cut most materials, regardless of their hardness, fragility, or elasticity. Our smooth, diamond wire cutting ensures that the surfaces of the material cut are straight and smooth, almost never creating and roughness on the upper surfaces.
When the quality of the upper surface is particularly important, only our saws are able to offer such a satisfactory result.

Our Cutting Technique: Diamond Wire

We use the highest quality stainless steel wire in a range of diameters. We embed different-sized real diamond grains (ranging from 10 to 64 μm) using an exclusive process developed internally. The wire, which varies in length from 10 to 40 meters, is then wrapped around a finely machined drum. The motor that operates the saw uses a winding and unwinding movement.
This is why the piece to be cut must be mechanically fixed to the support. The tension of the thread is determined by a weight through the return pulley. Once stretched, the thread is unrolled and wrapped around the drum. Diamond grains remove material from the surface of the work piece with precision and finesse. This gives the cut piece a remarkably smooth upper surface and sharp edges.

The Progress of the Wire in the Piece to be But

In order to use as little force as possible on the work piece (under the influence of gravity and/or weight), the WELL cutting process applies a uniform force throughout. This principle extends somewhat the time required for cutting, in comparison with other methods.
Clients must specify their objectives: faster but more irregular cutting, or slower and softer cutting for a net result, like the one proposed by the WELL process? The cut made by WELL diamond wire saws, although slower, does not generate heat compared to the usual cutting processes, and requires no coolant.
The absence of heat generation is also accompanied by an absence of smell and noise during cutting.
This makes the WELL cutting process adaptable to the most demanding work environments.


Our diamond wire saws operate relatively slowly. Their constant speed can be set at 2.5 meters per second. This low speed ensures a cautious cutting process and protects the diamond wire from damage during operation. The user can control their cutting as closely as they wishes: no specific protective equipment is needed.
Given the low cutting power required, the work piece can be held only slightly. If the wire breaks during cutting, the saw will automatically turn off. In addition, all our saws are equipped with an "On/Off" function that stops the machine at the end of the cut or when the notch in the work piece is deep enough.

Innovation and Quality

In order to produce cutting tools that always deliver the same precision, WELL Diamond Wire Saws SA uses the best components available for each of its models. Since the very first saw that we have produced and delivered, we make it a point to design and manufacture devices that can be used 24/7, 365 days a year.
As we have recently learned, our very first saw is still in use today. All our saws meet our highest quality standards.