The advantages of WELL diamond wire saws !

WELL diamond wire saws provide sharp, smooth surfaces on any material. The component used for cutting is a stainless steel wire and crimped diamond grains.

Description of our Products

This patented technique guarantees the cutting capabilities and unmatched durability of our tools. The wire is wound on a drum, which is mounted on a high-precision motor. Depending on the size of the saw, the length of the wire varies between 10 and 40 meters, for a diameter ranging from 0.10 to 0.70 mm. All our saws are equipped with systems that use gravity and/or weights for a consistent feed rate. They also have a variable speed adjustment system. No coolant is needed. However, we recommend using a cutting fluid when cleaning the wire. WELL diamond wire saws exert only minimal pressure on the material to be cut. The cutting process does not generate heat. The advantages of WELL diamond wire saws:
  • Unique, patented technique
  • Smooth cutting without damage
  • Suitable for the most demanding environments
  • Durability of tools
  • Over 3,000 customers throughout the world
  • Minimal and homogeneous pressure throughout the cutting
  • Fully preserves sample to observe
  • Family business since 1974
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